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Look no further for complete sizing and analysis on the global hotel and lodging segment, including consumer trends, online and mobile bookings, private accommodation sizing, distribution trends, OTA versus supplier dynamics, and market projections. Phocuswright research explores the most notable trends and stories impacting the global accommodations segment right now.

    COVID-19: Perceptions of Transport, Lodging, Cruise and Activities
    ReportCOVID-19: Perceptions of Transport, Lodging, Cruise and Activities
    Published: October 2020
    As the coronavirus spread across the globe in early 2020, travel came to a complete halt. Now, with...
    COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Phuket
    ReportCOVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Phuket
    Published: August 2020
    Phuket is a major destination for international tourists, ranking in the top 15 global destinations,...
    Estimating Hospitality Industry Recovery Using Big Data and AI
    ArticleEstimating Hospitality Industry Recovery Using Big Data and AI
    Published: August 2020
    The hospitality industry will experience a significant transformation through the COVID-19 pandemic...
    COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Chicago
    ArticleCOVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Chicago
    Published: July 2020
    Like other cities that introduced strict lockdowns, the negative impact on revenue per available room...
    COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Toronto
    ArticleCOVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Toronto
    Published: June 2020
    As Toronto cautiously reopens, we expect the market's performance to improve further. The good news is...
    COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Dallas
    ArticleCOVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Dallas
    Published: May 2020
    The occupancy growth trend for Dallas is positive, and the city's normally low-performing July may be...
    U.S. Hotel and Lodging COVID-19 Update (April 2020)
    ArticleU.S. Hotel and Lodging COVID-19 Update (April 2020)
    Published: April 2020
    The hospitality industry was already feeling signs of a possible recession before COVID-19 did its...
    U.S. Hotel & Lodging 2019: Key Developments
    ReportU.S. Hotel & Lodging 2019: Key Developments
    Published: February 2020
    Though there has always been tension between hotels and online travel intermediaries, there are clear...
    COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Sydney
    ArticleCOVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Sydney
    Published: May 2020
    When compared to the other destinations evaluated by Phocuswright, based on LodgIQ's forecast model,...
    COVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Key West
    ArticleCOVID-19 Hotel Forecast: Key West
    Published: June 2020
    Key West is in the enviable position of having successfully contained the local spread of the virus,...
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